29 July 2010

News as at 3 August 2010

The So Blonde : Back to the Island Walkthrough is a comprehensive step by step spoiler free easy to follow illustrated guide

This DS version walkthrough can also be used for the Wii version

While the walkthrough is complete and will get you through the game, it's not yet finished as some things still need minor tweaking

Players are asked to only visit the free Live Help if you actually intend to ask a question, discuss something or want to say Hi

The best time to seek live help is between 11pm and 5am GMT (after 3pm Pacific US, 6pm Eastern US, 11pm UK) while the second best time is between 5am and 10am GMT

Using the Walkthrough

Steps starting with Talk or Ask are either required steps or provide useful information to help you solve one of the tasks at hand

Steps starting with Chat are optional steps where chatting with the character yields interesting information about the story

Steps starting with Notice point out items that you should be aware of but where looking at the item doesn't provide useful information

Steps starting with Examine or Search mean to use your hands to carefully examine something rather than simply looking at it

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS
and the Nintendo Wii
So Blonde : Back to the Island